Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moon/Ruin || Ocean \\ Update \\

Moon/Ruin - Ocean
It's safe to say that within the past year or two there has been a rather large explosion of beach-pop revival bands that have been making the scene and it's making it more and more difficult to weed out the ones that are worth listening too. Well, so regally placed into my inbox not too long ago was Moon/Ruin, a beach, "melt pop" band with a new album out titled "Ocean." So I hobbled on down to bandcamp to check it out and I'm instantly blown away. Title track and album opener "Ocean" instantly locks you down for a ride through the waves. Speaking of, these guys blow Wavves out the water! Kale Ogle's ever present voice with the clashing of guitars and smashing of drums all strung together are so perfectly balanced it's mind melting. Download the entire "Ocean" album [here]. You can also check out the absolutely bonkers video for the track "My Demons" [here].

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