Sunday, August 15, 2010

GuMMy†Be▲R! || slOwer mOtiOn(Slowed Up(Fuck Up)EDITION) // Inauspicious

Panda Bear - Slow Motion
GuMMy†Be▲R! - slOwer mOtiOn(Slowed Up(Fuck Up)EDITION)
I have the original here solely to help you understand the power of the remix that has been bestowed upon me as a new GuMMy†Be▲R! track. The original led to relaxation and tranquility. The remix came into the tranquility and in an instant, liquidated my brain to mush. But you know what?
 I'm okay with that.
While your melting your soul with that dark jam, drop on [here] to grab their debut full length "Inauspicious" which by definition means not favorable. Put it this way, the title doesn't mean shit about the what under its skin.


  1. This is funny. I dropped a mix of Panda Bear at the same pitch on this mix: which I recorded on 8/5 and shared the Slow Motion track on my Twitter and facebook. Suddenly Gummybear tag on a few glitches and its cool. Good job biters.

  2. here's the divshare timestamp:

    imitation is flattery I guess

  3. Oh hell naw, I was wiht my nigga chris when he threw this joint down man. Yous a lame bro, tryin to get attention.

    My nig threw it down hard on our homies Pioneer CDJ-2000 for like 2 weeks to get it perfct. now You comin from the woodworks trying to play bra. you cant evan hold a match to GuMMy†Be▲R!s flame, fuck you.

  4. Which is why I'm dealing with this via private email with Herr Gummy?!?! I really need no one's attention. I create what I create for me - if others like it that's there thing.

  5. and I don't like flames... they burn down Arks ;)

  6. The track doesn't play at the top, i wanna hear a comparison! I knew these witch house artist were full of shit.

  7. Funny thing is I don't hate Disaro. A simple look at my blog will show you I like a lot of what you dudes do.